The Perfect GRIND



One of its kind. Immaculately engineered machine complex yet simple in method and robust in capabilities. We didn’t reinvent the wheel here, we made it better. Consistently and concisely shred one pound of dried product into ready-to-process product within minutes.
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Design. Build. Innovate.

Compact and Robust

Function defines form. Every aspect of the Vexar is designed in pursuit of performance with the unique anatomy of cannabis in mind. Built around our patent pending double-sided shredding wheel made of 7075 hard coat anodized aluminum, with each pin strategically placed to optimize inward movement and proper breaking down of product without damaging.

Complex Made Simple

Effectively and consistently break down flower including stems without damaging the product, no powder, no uneven shred. Stainless steel auger hopper for easy and safe product deployment into shredder. Interchangeable shredding wheels to customize desired shred-size. Properly shred and prepare product for next step processing whether for pre-rolls, extraction and/or infusions.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning process aligns with standard commercial kitchen and manufacturing equipment.  Simply unlatch the cover plate, remove shredding wheel to soak in soap water, rinse and wipe down with standard commercial kitchen sanitizer solution.


Our patent-pending system is elegantly engineered with a design that will give you speed (a pound in 30 seconds) while preserving the integrity of your product and its trichomes. Our unique cutting teeth and plate structure are designed to minimize any product loss, and deliver an ultra-consistent cut with one pass through.

Safety Features

Auto shut-off through hopper
Double latch toggle clamps for safe cutting plate removal
Enclosed double barrel auger system to minimize cross-contamination

We are in a league of our own.

Humboldt's Finest

Humboldt County, CA
“We went from an accepted 25% rate of waste to 0%.”