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Monday, August 21, 2023

The Greatest Pre-Roll Machine in the World

KüngTech’s Gravity Packing Centrifuge (GPC) is the most scalable, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective pre-roll machine in the world. Simply put, it truly is the greatest pre-roll machine of all time and can be rightly called the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) of pre-roll machines. The GPC is employed by some of North America’s largest cannabis companies as well as newcomers to the industry. So what sets this pre-roll machine apart from the rest?

In this article, we'll delve into why businesses choose KüngTech for their pre-roll needs. Many companies seek our support from the first day of production, while countless others approach us with horror stories about their current systems, desperately needing help to avoid losing millions of dollars in production downtime.



First, let's focus on the unique fact that our pre-roll machine uses centrifugal force to pack each pre-rolled cone. KüngTech pioneered the use of centrifugal force for pre-roll manufacturing seven years ago. Our Co-Founder and CTO, Eric Grigsby, a former cultivator and pre-roll manufacturer, recognized the need for improvement.

Traditional systems that relied on aggressive shaking or knocking could not pack a pre-roll consistently, especially with uneven particle sizes and varying moisture levels. By harnessing centrifugal force, we ensure that every single pre-roll is packed perfectly, regardless of production volume.


The KüngTech GPC Pre-Roll Centrifuge employs a streamlined rapid-loading process that not only packs superior pre-rolls but also greatly enhances the entire loading operation. This system integrates a unique measuring feature, rendering the continual weighing of flower unnecessary and thereby eliminating a typically cumbersome step in the process.

Utilizing our unique Layer Cake system, operators are required to weigh the flower only once for each strain to establish a filling template. Subsequently, the GPC's Pods can be rapidly filled, enabling the packing of pre-rolls at an unparalleled speed.


With the capacity to pack nearly 400 pre-rolls in a mere 60 seconds, the efficiency of the KüngTech GPC Pre-Roll Centrifuge is unmatched, making it an invaluable asset that pre-roll businesses require to scale.


The KüngTech GPC is, quite literally, the ONLY pre-roll machine designed specifically for scalability. It can be used to produce as few as 50,000 pre-rolls per month or as many as 50,000 in a single day.

No other pre-roll machine offers the ability to scale production by merely adding operators. This efficiency is possible because the GPC can complete a packing cycle in less than 2 minutes. To reach maximum production capacity, however, would still require many operators.


Unlike the GPC, other pre-roll machines are limited in production capabilities. If your business needs to scale, you can't simply add another operator. You will have to acquire additional machines and staff, possibly even expanding your production space. These factors contribute to extra costs and complexities, making scaling more difficult.


The cannabis industry often struggles with faulty manufacturing solutions that frequently break, require repairs, or need total replacements. When your machine fails, you face costly “production downtime.”

The KüngTech GPC stands out as the most reliable pre-roll machine ever, thanks to its incredibly simple design. While competitors’ machines have hundreds of moving parts prone to breakage, the GPC essentially has just one. We eliminate the violent shaking and vibrating common in most other pre-roll machines, thereby reducing noise and wear and tear.

Fewer moving parts lead to fewer problems, easier clean-up, less downtime, and a more efficient workspace. As pioneers in creating the pre-roll centrifuge, we have also set a smoother standard operating procedure for pre-roll production worldwide.

Our system's unparalleled reliability has led many customers to switch to KüngTech after having to continuously replace or shut down due to failures in their previous machinery.


Cross-contamination is a significant challenge that often forces pre-roll businesses to invest in multiple machines. Working with different strains simultaneously would traditionally require additional machines, more space, and labor. We found this approach illogical, so we designed the GPC to handle multiple strains simultaneously, offering greater flexibility and scalability.

Each GPC holds up to 6 pods with 66 cones and can run a spin cycle with just 2, 3, 4, or 6 pods attached. Since each pod can hold a different strain (as long as the machine is balanced), the GPC can handle 2-3 strains simultaneously by running spin cycles with various pods.


You will never achieve a better burn than with a pre-roll packed by a KüngTech GPC machine. Our advanced centrifuge system allows operators to have complete quality control over the pack density. This level of precision is unattainable with any other solution, placing the GPC in a class of its own.

With five custom speed and time settings, you can achieve the perfect pack for every strain, regardless of moisture levels. This system includes a unique test we invented called "The Upside Down Test," where you can flip your pre-rolled joint upside down, confident that no flower will fall out.