396 Pre-Rolls in 60 Seconds

The most scalable and reliable pre-roll machine in the world.

We invented the Pre-Roll Centrifuge for a reason.

Our team of innovators provide answers to challenges you have yet to discover in your business. The aim is to eliminate the unnecessary by creating the ultimate mechanical applications of all equipment. Engineering tangible, solid and practical solutions that make people and efficient sense by design, prototype, production and results-driven collaboration.


A beautifully engineered machine capable of producing up to 396 consistently filled, packed and measured pre-rolls per pound of cannabis in less than 60 seconds per spin cycle.
The Magnum GPCx is a state-of-the-art machine comprising a stainless steel core, aerospace-grade anodized aluminum, and carbon fiber. Our limited-friction design enables an incredibly smooth production process while applying three rotational forces simultaneously to drive precision packing over each individual preroll.

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Our patent-pending system is elegantly engineered with a design that will give you speed (about a pound in 30 seconds) while preserving the integrity of your product and its trichomes.
Perfectly even particle sizes make filling or packing cones a breeze by eliminating air pockets and providing a nice even burn for the user.

The high torque low speed gentle grind of the VXR provides an extremely consistent particle size while maintaining all of the cannabinoids.


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“Since the implementation of this system, we have completely changed our business model from extraction to pre-roll production as a result of the undeniable profitability and efficiency per square foot produced by this system.”

Humboldt's Finest

Humboldt County, CA
“We went from an accepted 25% rate of waste to 0%.”